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Township Manager

Jim Ridgway - Township Manager
Phone: (609) 886-2005  |  Fax: (609) 886-1232

Eileen Kreis
- Executive Administrative Assistant
Phone: (609) 886-2005 ext 132 | Fax: (609) 886-1232

On a very basic level, the Council-Manager form of government is quite straightforward.  The Manager, who is appointed by Council, is the Chief Executive Officer.  All departments report to the Township Manager.  The Council, which includes the Mayor, retains legislative and investigative authority. 
The Mayor is a member of Council and presides at meetings. 

This chart is helpful:




Chief Executive of Municipality Appoints Manager Member of Council

Administers All Municipal Functions with Executive Decision Power

Appoints Officers Not Subordinate to Manager* Presides at Meeting
Appoints Department Heads and All Other Department Officers, Subordinates and Assistants

Passes Ordinances/Resolutions as necessary

Appoints School Board and Library Board where applicable
Prepares and Presents Budget Adopts/Modifies Budget  
Negotiates Contracts to be approved by Council Retains Committee and Investigative Functions  
Serves Independent of but at the pleasure of Council *Clerk; Board/Commissions & Authority Members; Municipal Attorney  



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